Savory Intermediates Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2018 - 2028

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Savory Intermediates Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2018 - 2028

Status : May, 2021 | Food and Beverages

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Savory Intermediates Market: Snapshot

Savory intermediates find board application in the making of convenience food like dry noodles, soups, and ready to eat meals. Savory intermediates are additionally utilized in food items, for example, nuts, chips, pretzels, fruit snacks, corn chips, and popcorn. Buyer landscape all over the world is observing a critical change in taste inclinations, subsequently flooding the demand regarding various flavor elements of taste, for example, exotic, spicy, and ethnic.

As of now, inclination for prepared to-eat food and snacks, or drink among gen-z and millennial is surging notably. Excitement for various flavors expanded shopper spending ability and more noteworthy introduction to global food sustenance items can be ascribed to the rising inclination for ready foods. As these items are well-rcognized for their flavors, utilization of savory enhancer in food business has increased noteworthy energy.

Savory intermediates market is probably going to observe an unfaltering growth in future later on the back of their vast usage in food business. Specifically, savory enhancers and other savory mixes are profoundly looked for after in the prepared food sector.

In 2018, Synergy Flavors took over Janoušek, an Italian flavoring supplier. The provider's ability in organic Italian flavors will empower Synergy to grow its R&D and development in the confectionery, alcoholic, savory, and non-alcoholic categories.

Savory bites market is probably going to observe enduring development prospects on the back of surging demand for prepared and packed foods. While savory bites are considered as among the junk food, with producers filtering toward organic food ingredients, the rising demand is expected to be continued in upcoming years.

Savory Intermediates Market – Introduction

Savory intermediates market is likely to witness a steady outlook in the future on the back of their widespread use in the food industry. In particular, savory enhancers and other savory ingredients are highly sought after in the processed food industry.

Savory intermediates find widespread application in convenience food such as ready meals, dehydrated noodles and soups. Savory intermediates are also used in food products such as chips, nuts, fruit snacks, pretzels, popcorn and corn chips. Consumer landscape across the globe is witnessing a significant change in taste preferences, thereby driving demand for a variety of flavor ingredients of taste such as ethnic, exotic and spicy.

Currently, preference for snacks and ready-to-eat meal or beverage among millennial and generation z populations is increasing. Enthusiasm for different flavors increased consumer spending capacity and greater exposure to international food products can be attributed to the rising preference for processed food. As these food products are embraced for their flavors, use of savory enhancer in the food industry has gained significant momentum.

Savory Intermediates Market – Notable Developments

  • In 2019, Ohly introduced Ohly-Go Wall, a new yeast cell wall product which combines the health benefits of beta-glucans and mannan oligosaccharides (MOS).
  • In January 2019, Lallemand, a global yeast- and bacteria-based product manufacturer entered in the partnership of Ohly. Lallemand is also a global supplier of inactive yeast products that are used in savory and health applications.
  • In 2017, Lesaffre, a leading savory intermediates manufacturer acquired Sensient’s Yeast Extract Food Business based at Strasbourg. Sensient is a producer and seller of brewer's yeast extracts for animal feed and human savory industries. After the strategic acquisition, all savory flavor production of Europe is focused in the Felinfach’s factory located in the United Kingdom.
  • In 2018, Synergy Flavors acquired Janoušek, an Italian natural flavoring supplier. The supplier’s expertise in natural Italian flavors will enable Synergy to expand its R&D and innovation activities in the dairy, confectionery, savory, alcoholic, neutraceutical and non-alcoholic categories.

Savory Intermediates Market Dynamics

Yeast Extracts Gain Popularity among Savory Intermediates

Yeast extract and yeast products remain highly preferred among other savory intermediates owing to their nature of origin. Yeast extracts find extensive application as flavoring agents and salt reducing ingredients that are used in frozen and canned soups, bakery, meat, sauces and other savory mixes. As consumer preference is shifting toward natural food ingredients, savory intermediates extracted from yeast are highly preferred among food manufacturers.

A new opportunity for yeast extract as a savory intermediate is found in the area of plant/vegan-based food and meat alternative space wherein significant developments are underway. Natural origin also gives yeast extract a clean-label edge, thereby driving the demand for yeast extracts as savory intermediates.

Savory Intermediate Manufacturers Target Local Taste Preferences

Taste preference continues to evolve and the trend remains distinct at a regional or local level. Demand trends for different types of foods in the region reflect different taste preferences of the regional population. Well aware of these trends, manufacturers in the savory intermediates market are aligning their businesses according to regional taste preferences. World leading manufacturers have launched country-specific savory ingredients to sustain market revenues at the global stage. Along with country-wise categories, regional distributors also keep track of evolving taste preference for exotic cuisines in the domestic market.

Surge in Demand for Savory Snacks to Boost Savory Intermediates Market Growth

Savory snacks market is likely to witness steady growth prospects on the back of increasing demand for packaged and processed foods. While savory snacks are considered as junk foods, with manufacturers sifting toward healthy food ingredients, demand surge will continue in the coming years. Further, popularity of savory snacks among millennial and generation z populations will further propel the application of savory intermediates in the food industry.

Savory Intermediates Market – Regional Outlook

Significant demand for savory snacks in the countries of Asia Pacific region is likely to present lucrative opportunities for savory intermediates market in the region. In these developing countries, expanding middle class, increasing demand for packaged food and presence of leading market players will fuel the savory intermediates market growth in the coming years.

Developed economies of Europe and North America also present lucrative opportunities in the savory intermediates market wherein living standards complement the savory snack demand.

Savory Intermediates Market – Segmentation

Segmentation of the savory Intermediates market is as follows,

By product, the savory intermediates market is segmented in,

  • Yeast Extracts
  • Hydrolyzed Vegetable Proteins (HV)
  • Hydrolyzed Animal Proteins (HAP)
  • Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
  • Nucleotides
  • Others

By application, the savory intermediates market is segmented in,

  • Pet food
  • Food
  • Others

This study provides a particularized anatomy according to the L.E.A.P mechanism

  • Latest trends and cardinal growth prospects
  • Existing and future insights in growth
  • Ascensions in technology
  • Pain points

The regional analysis offers market assays across:

  • North America
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • The Middle East and Africa

The study, prepared through the L.E.A.P mechanism adds a dimension of infallibility and assures precise information on all the growth dynamics.

Latest Trends and Cardinal Growth Prospects

The study assists in burnishing the knowledge of the stakeholder in terms of the emerging trends. The study provides an expansive coverage on the latest developments and novel profit-yielding sources that augur well with the market. A dedicated and determined team of experts conduct an out-and-out research on diverse aspects to offer ultimate breakthroughs in the market.

Existing and Future Insights in Growth

The interfusion of ubiquitous primary and secondary research through modern tools invites perfection and accuracy in every aspect. Primary research is circumspectly conducted through exhaustive interactions and interviews of experts. These valuable opinions are then neatly inducted in the report to allow the stakeholder for reaping the benefits. A treasure of secondary data is extracted via famed paid sources, yearly estimates and statements, renowned journals, and government documents. These sources assist in creating a robust database comprising existing and subsequent growth dynamics.

Ascensions in Technology

Diverse technological advancements and cutting-edge innovations in the market have been covered in this study to assist the stakeholder in research and development activities. Recent upgrades have also been added in the study, thus helping the stakeholder to paint the strokes of growth on the canvas of the market.

Pain Points

The study presents a plethora of challenges and obstacles that can hinder the growth of the market to allow the stakeholder to prepare their strategies accordingly.

The world ushered in the new decade with the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic. The outbreak has damaged the growth prospects of several businesses and has crippled the entire economy. The study is in tandem with the changing dynamics of the market due to the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak. The study focuses on the coronavirus pandemic and analyses every aspect that impacts the growth positively or negatively.

An aerial perspective of the regions covered in this study enables the stakeholder to design strategies accordingly. The 360-degree assessment of every aspect associated with growth offers information on a rainbow of growth opportunities available across the market.

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