Need for Clean and Purified Water Drives Indian Water Purifier Market


The traditional methods of purifying water or using boring water has been put on the back burner, as majority of Indians are now switching to new and improved water purifying techniques. The Indian water purifier market is witnessing tremendous growth due to awareness among the general public about the ill-effects of non-purified water. In addition, various government initiatives and policies have come in place to ensure purified water reaches maximum number of people, thus pushing the market in the upward direction. The presence of retail outlets across the country and the powerful usage of digital marketing have led to the growth of the market. It is estimated that in course of time, with the inclusion of small and local players, the competition will get tougher.

RO Purifier Most Favored Due To Maximum Level Water Purification

Though there are various water purifying technologies available in the market, RO technology holds a lion’s share of about 37% of the total market in terms of revenue. The Reverse osmosis (RO) technology uses membrane technology that removes germs and other dissolved salts from water, hence is favored over the other leading technologies present in the market.

Household Consumers Lead End User Segment

Household, industrial, and commercial sector are the prime end users of water purifier technologies, with household accounting for 55% of share. It is also estimated that this sector will continue to lead the segment. Moreover, several small shops, cafés, and public places are demanding commercial water purifier technologies and solutions which is also gaining momentum. 

Lack of Awareness Restrains Water Purifier Market

The growth of water purifier is restricted due to lack of education and awareness of purified water and its health benefits. There is an absence of means to invest in these purifying technologies. Varying water texture due to change in topography is another factor that creates hindrance for the market growth and is seen as a hard task for players to design purification technologies that cater to region-specific water types to remove the total dissolved salts (TDS).