Growing Consciousness Towards Skincare and Beauty to Cause Demand Uptick Within Global Skin Lighteners Market


The global market for skin lighteners has gained tremendous momentum on account of the rising consciousness amongst the masses with regards to even skin tone, avoidance of acne, and brighter complexions. Skin lightening products are available in the form of creams, powders, gels, and lotions, and are blended with essential nutrients that can help in rejuvenating the skin tone. Skin lighteners are believed to reduce a pigment called melanin from the skin, which results in cleansing of the skin. Freckles have become a cause of concern for the people driven by perfect standards of appearance, and hence, they readily adopt skin lighteners. Moreover, the amount of melanin could vary depending on hormones, skin damage, and the amount of exposure the skin is exposed to. Hence, to regulate the melanin levels in the skin, skin lighteners are extensively used by a major population.

TMR Research scrutinizes the key elements in the global market for skin lighteners in order to ascertain a growth track for the market over the coming years. Since the market falls under the beauty and wellness segment, several nascent trends within the segment have been analyzed to get a crystal clear view of the market. Moreover, the strategies of the market players that have proved to be vital for attracting the customers towards skin lighteners have also been enunciated in the following sections.

Advent of Natural Skin Lighteners Propels Demand

Advertising and propagation of ideal skin tones has set people on a quest to groom their skin. It hasn’t just made people conscious of skin infections and diseases, but has also persuaded them to use creams, lotions, and other skincare products. In this scenario, skin lighteners have come to light and are being extensively used across the globe. Moreover, the pollutants in the atmosphere have risen to an alarming levels and have contributed to the prevalence of skin infections, dryness, and acne. Hence, the need for skin lighteners that can replenish the skin to its original form has seen a commendable rise in recent times. Besides this, skin lighteners that use natural ingredients such as aloe Vera, marine algae extract, and green tea extracts have also glutted the market. Thereby, the inclination of the masses towards natural treatments has created demand within the global market for skin lighteners. The field of dermatology is also making rapid strides with regards to the development of new and advanced skin lighteners, thus, popularizing the products within the market.

Despite the affluent growth of the market, there are certain elements that hamper the progress of market players. Presence of hydroquinone in skin lighteners can cause severe damage to the skin, which has discouraged a number of medical practitioners from recommending skin lighteners. A lot of countries have banned hydroquinone which has in turn slowed down the production of skin lighteners.

North America to Capture Dominant Market Share

North America has emerged as the leading geographical segment in the global market for skin lighteners. The wellness of the region owes to several factors such as the plush spending capacity of the masses. Moreover, the healthcare infrastructure across the region has also outdone the facilities available in other regions. While Europe is expected to follow North America on the table of market share, Asia Pacific is projected to exhibit the highest growth rate for the global skin lighteners market.

Some of the key players in the market are Hindustan Unilever Ltd, Beiersdorf AG, CavinKare Pvt. Ltd., Clarins SA, and Elder Health Care Ltd.