Clear aligners market Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2020 - 2030

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Clear aligners market Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2020 - 2030

Status : May, 2021 | Healthcare IT

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Clear aligners are plastic and transparent replica of the teeth. Dental treatment has become more comfortable and less conspicuous with the development of these transparent aligners. As clear aligners are virtually invisible, people don’t feel conscious about wearing them thus making them feel more confident and comfortable around people.

Adoption of dental treatment has been escalated with clear aligners due to its removability, comfort and hygiene maintenance. For instance, number of patients in US has been increased up to 4 million in 2020.

More Comfortable than Braces

Clear aligner therapy has been proven to be less painful than braces. As clear aligners can be removed whenever patient wants to eat, it doesn’t affect his/her diet and no restrictions are there for eating as fear of breakage does not exist. Its removable quality also helps in brushing and cleaning the teeth normally. Continuous efforts are being made to design more comfortable and hygienic clear aligners. These factors have led to the growth of patients coming for treatment of their teeth.

Increasing Cases of Malocclusion and Misalignment may boost Adoption of Clear Aligners

As per SMR Journal of Research, prevalence of malocclusion is almost 25% in United States, Columbia accounts for 88% of patients, while Saudi Arabia and India comprise 62.4% and 20-43% prevalence respectively. The global data for Class I, Class II, and Class III malocclusion cases is about 74.7%, 19.56%, and 5.93% respectively as per an article published on According to the article, Class I malocclusion cases were highly prevalent in Africa accounting for 89%. Europe witnessed 33.51% of Class II type of malocclusion. 

Malocclusion can be treated through clear aligners, thus, prevalence of the condition is a driving factor for adoption of clear aligners.

Side Effects of Clear Aligners may Hamper the Adoption Rate

Some adverse side effects due to clear aligners may affect the adoption among adults. The research article by Turkish Journal of Orthodontics reports that placing aligners can disrupt the breathing process in some people. Complain of sore throat, swallowing issues, irritated oral mucosa is common among patients. As per other article by BMC Oral health, in several cases, body’s natural response rejects the involvement of foreign material that may results to hypersensitivity reactions among patients. Moreover, aligners put excessive pressure on gums that may cause bleeding and welling of gums.

Moreover, whole treatment of clear aligners may range from 1000$ to 10,000$ depending on the private hospitals and clinics. The cost may not be affordable to everyone which remain a concern among patients.

Competitive Landscape

Key players in the clear aligners market are Align Technology, Inc., 3M, Ormco Corporation, Dentsply Sirona, HeyGears, Argen Corporation, Henry Schein, Clarus Company, Danaher Corporation, Straumann Group, Morelli Ortodontia, DB Orthodontics, Great Lakes Orthodontics Ltd., American Orthodontics, etc.

HeyGears in September 2020 announced its latest clear aligner production solution. From data processing to 24/7 mass production of models to clear aligner trimmer, the solution aims to automate an entire clear aligner workflow. Heygears production solution is utilized by many companies such as DenMat for scaling up their business processes.

Dentsply Sirona has announced its acquisition of Byte, rapidly growing clear aligner company in January 2021. The acquisition aims to add scale in Dentsply Sirona and strengthen its connection with dental professionals. Research and development facilities of the former enables to drive additional growth of the Byte clear aligner solutions. The acquisition also aims to focus on connecting additional patients with dental professionals helping them in quality oral health care.

Carbon and Candid have announced their partnership for developing efficient and reliable 3D print accurate clear aligners in January 2021. Candid will utilize L1’s 3D printers and DLS process for the production of clear aligner models. The company aims to produce millions of clear aligner models for teeth straightening using Carbon DLS Process. Candid’s “orthodontics-as-a-service”, doctor driven clear aligner therapy offers specifically for dental and orthodontic practices.

Regional outlook

Many factors that determine the growth of clear aligners include awareness among people for oral health. Teenagers are the best market to promote clear aligners as kids of that age are under confident about their looks.

North America continues to dominate the clear aligners market owing to rise in innovations in dental health care by researchers. American dental association reports 25% of adults wearing braces. One of the reports from the University of California, Los Angeles showed that dental care has been surged by 85%. The report that there were about 62.2% of the total dentists visit in US in 2019 and 2020 shows that people are taking care of their oral health and adoption is expected to rise.

European dental market is well established owing to dental groups providing successful platform for specialist and staff members. European dental group presently comprise of 130 oral care clinics treating over 7,00,000 patients every year. Prevalence of dental issues such as overbites, crooked teeth, teeth overcrowding, spaces between teeth among Europeans is the driving factor for adoption of clear aligners. According to WHO, 5-20% of middle aged population suffer from malocclusion. The study in dental press journal of orthodontics reported that in Europe, prevalence of Class II and posterior cross bite was about 33.55 and 13% respectively, thus, making it the second largest market for clean aligners.

Less awareness regarding oral health education among some countries in Asia is prevailing the malocclusion. As per the data published in a Journal by Peer J, the prevalence of Class II malocclusion was reported about 38.2% in Japan in 2019.  Thus rising incidences of malocclusion among teenagers in Japan may lead to the growth in sales of clear aligners because of their fear and distress about how their teeth look.


By Product type

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  • Soft

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  • Adult
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  • Orthodontic Clinics

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Key Questions Answered

  • Who are the leading players in the clear aligners market?

    HeyGears, Argen Corporation, Henry Schein, Clarus Company, Danaher Corporation, Straumann Group, Morelli Ortodontia, DB Orthodontics, etc.

  • Who can be the target audience for the sales of clear aligners?

    Mostly adults go through the dental treatment process, but teenagers can also be the prominent market in some countries.

  • What are the key marketing trends driving the growth?

    Change in lifestyle, concern regarding looks, awareness among people about comfortable treatment process can be the leading marketing trends.

  • Which regions are leading the market of clear aligners?

    Germany, US, Japan, India are the leading market players.

  • What are the product types of clear aligners?

    Hard, soft and medium are the product types of clear aligners.

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Pain Points

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